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Lokozo is an innovative Indian group that designs and markets solutions based on LED Light technology expertise and innovatively designed products consolidating the market through technology build-up. Lokozo has radically transformed traditional LED design with the creation of LED lighting that emits uniform, highly precise beam directly from the source. With die-level optical integration, cumbersome and inefficient secondary optics to control light are unnecessary, opening the world to more versatile-and energy efficient-lighting applications than ever before imagined. With this innovative design shift, Lokozo promises to lead the LED lighting industry into a new realm of possibilities. Read More

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LOKOZO Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is an Indian fast-growing company, specializing in Green Energy Products, headquartered in Bangalore, India. LOKOZO products are designed for maximized efficiency and are constantly modified to suit the needs of customers.

The company was founded on 17th December 2012 by Mr. Subrata Saha and Mr. Rupan Sarkar with the aim to develop high efficiency Solar Energy Products and take green energy technologies to the next level. Along with Solar LOKOZO saw the need for vast improvement in various other products and thus expanded to LED lights, Inverters and water pumps all with the idea of minimizing energy consumption.

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We are an "ISO 9001:2015" certified organization that follows a systematized quality monitoring system. It assists us to maintain high quality standards.

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