LED fishing lights

Fishing and harvesting have been common in a country like India for more than a couple of centuries now. In fact, it’s an age old practice but the only difference being the way in which it was done before, primitively and it’s done now. With so many water bodies guarding our locality, it also becomes an easy source of profession and thus adds severely to the economic benefit of our country too.

Light becomes an important part of this entire process of fishing when it’s supposed to be done in greater depths and also when the fishing is supposed to be carried out in the dark. A fishing light is, as its name suggests, a light producing device used to assist in fishing and make the job very convenient and easy. Its working principle revolves around attracting the fishes or the target through this light giving them an impression of a “prey” they are probably looking for. A standard sized fish generally feeds on smaller fishes and insects like shrimps and they are functioned to believe in the congregation of these smaller aquatic beings which ultimately bring their eaters to the same spot as in where they accumulate. A fishing light is used based on the principle that these beings are sensitive and get pulled towards lights like green or blue since water acts as a great absorbing and reflecting medium for these lights with long wavelengths.

These days when most light emitting sources are replaced with a powerful source like an LED, the evolution of work becomes thus more enhanced and implementable. LEDs are known for their exclusive quality of utilising the minimum input light energy to produce a very bright and strong uni- beamed light stream that makes visibility very clear and prominent. Thus a fishing light implemented with LED technology is a very convenient form of using the technology to its fullest. With smart LED fishing lights, the entire concept fishing and harvesting has taken a different turn bringing in more and more production. LED fishing lights attached to boats, are in fact even more convenient and a stronger devices. These lights are definitely water proof and if they are used for boats, they are better off being attached to the body of the boat which relieves the users and fishers from being engaged with the light and focus on the entire work of fishing instead. These are very easy to use and come in different shapes and sizes in relation to the size and structure of the boat.

LOKOZO Technologies in Bangalore has come up with the best varieties of fishing lights that mostly work, depending on the age old tradition of how natural sunlight and moon light influence and affect the extent ease and convenience of fishing. There are mostly two types of lights that are convenient for fishing- The kerosene lights and the battery lights, the latter one being more expensive and efficient than the former. LOKOZO on the other hand focuses on the man made technology of lighting, which is basically the LED technology that promises the use of the best technological help to produce light sources with the brightest output. This same technology can be used in recreative places like a swimming pool or a fancy fountain. These lights are equipped to tolerate saltwater and are definitely waterproof. We take care to use these lights underwater when gone fishing so that visibility doesn’t stay an issue anymore.

The different types of LED fishing lights offered by LOKOZO are-

  • LED Fishing light.
  • 200W/1500W/ 50W/ 2000W/ 2500W/350W/500W/1000W underwater fishing light.

We have always believed to work for mankind without causing any injustice to nature for which we have expertised in sustainable technologies like the solar energy and LED technology alternatives. Also we understand technology keeps changing and evolving every moment for which we keep ourselves updated with the daily enhancement of our technical work with the best team of engineers and electrical experts who make this a success.