Does it feel good enough to come across the current destructive scenario of our environment everyday while you’re going through your morning daily? Of course not right? Scientists all across the world are eventually giving up on our exploitative habit of the nature, our taking it for granted and the hope for a happy future is diminishing day by day. In a situation like this, alternative energy sources are PFA great assistance and assurance and are thus looked through a lot of priority. It, not only limits the over exploitation of the non-renewable energy sources like coal and petroleum but also takes care of the assurance of zero damage to the existing environment by not playing any role behind the destruction of the existing air and water surface, by emitting harmful gases, that in fact takes a toll on the living beings as well.

Solar energy has been an evolutionary discovery across the world. With the possibility of its unlimited usage in different domestic and commercial fields, and its impressive longevity solar energy, through a simple process of energy conversion through the use of Photovoltaic cells, has given us a handful of benefits in a lot of our daily life aspects.

What are solar street lights?

Solar street lights are stood up, light sources which are fed by solar panels which are generally mounted on the lighting structure or designed to fit in the pole itself. The solar panels charge a rechargeable battery, which powers a fluorescent or LED lamp during the night. The whole mechanism includes absorbing the bright sunlight in the morning and later use it in the dark, with the help of solar panels which have, installed in them, photovoltaic cells, that convert this solar energy into electrical energy. Most of them turn on and turn off automatically by sensing outdoor light using solar panel voltage. Solar streetlights are designed to work throughout the night.

The quality of the brightness is very impressive and it can light upto a very long distance, that too with a bright intensity. The solar lights have gained so much of popularity today. Now, you can see the Solar Street lights on highways, homes, public places etc.

The solar street lights are into use in the areas where there is no availability of electricity. Also, it is into the trend because these save lots of energy. Hence, helps to save money.

Types of solar street lights:

The following types of solar street lights are available in the market-

  • Off-grid split type solar street light- This type commits lighting the areas where there is no electricity wiring. This type of street lights are observed mostly in the rural areas where the wiring is poor or almost absent. Moreover, the installation of these electric wiring is tough and requires lots of manpower and money.Moreover, Solar light is a better option. In Off- grid Split Type Street Light each pole has an independent unit. It contains the power source (the solar panel), a battery, a Light controller, and a LED light, separately for each and every light since there is no wiring to connect all of them. Also it can be installed in any sun-lit area.
  • Grid-tie solar street light-

Single inverter: The Grid-Tie ( Single-Inverter) Solar Street Light is the one where a sun- oriented arrangement is set up in a focal area. This gives energy to an arrangement of LED road lights. The transmission lines gives fuel to these lights. Also this is of a huge help to act as a connector to the other street lights.

Micro Inverter- The Grid-Tie ( Micro-Inverter) Solar Street Light has individual inverters on each pole for LED solar street light. In this, there is no need of a unified big solar arrangement.

Solar and Wind hybrid Solar street light- This solar street light is a combination of the useful outcome of the Solar and the Wind energy. When we combine the both there is for sure, a more production of energy. The wind and sunlight both produce the energy at the different time. This is a technology that can be used any and every time of the year. The Wind is dominating in winters whereas sunlight is more intense in summers. For this reason, this solar street light is successful in any extreme or harsh climatic conditions. According to the experts when Solar Electric energy and Wind Electric energy are combined. Hence, the supply is always available. In addition, this technology has many advantages as compared with the other systems.

All-in-one Solar street light- A well surveyed modernised technology is used in this type along with the very necessary raw materials. This solar street light system has automatic motion sensors with settings of dimmer and Motion Sensor which helps to save energy. That is why it is on the top list. This system is a compact system.

All in one Solar Street Light System consist of:
  • Solar Panel
  • LED Light
  • Light Controller with Built-in Motion Sensor
  • Lithium Battery
Features And Benefits:
  • LED Street Light System
  • Compatible with all weather conditions
  • PIR motion sensor
  • Adjustable Angle
  • Saves Energy up to 80%
  • Sleek and Compact design
  • Life expectancy- 10 to 12 years
  • Aluminium body
  • High Power Lithium battery (LiFePO4)
  • Require less management
  • Eco-friendly
  • Market value (approximately) of solar street lights:

    Standard electrical street lights are much cheaper for initial purchase, but if you add up all the underlying costs over time including construction and maintenance, they tend to be a bit expensive. A typical high pressure sodium street light cost about Rs. 94,500 for the pole, fixture, and mounting bracket, but installation costs for setting the pole and running the electrical wire from the pole to transformer can cost upwards of Rs. 3,00,000. These prices include the installation process. While the pieces are available in the range of Rs. 9,000-Rs. 12,000. Also depending on the type of design and the installation of Lithium ion or LED component, the price can hike up between Rs. 20,000-Rs. 30,000 per piece. The hike also depends on the brightness of the light and it’s voltage output.