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LED Lighting

It's time to switch to LED!
Let's see why:
Lighting in general.
Lighting equates to 12% of global grid based electricity consumption
Electricity bill of local councils.
Expected energy savings with LED lighting.
up to 50-70%
up to
when coupled with smart controls.
Energy savings
Reduce your carbon footprint.
Municipality lighting
Public street and park lighting accounts for up to
of the electricity bill of local councils.
LED lamps, combined with smart controls, can cut CO2 emissions
Up to 50 000 hours
The extremely long lifetime of LED products will exceedingly reduce your maintenance costs as well.
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Future predictions.
Growth of energy demand by 2020.
You could save this much in one year, by switching to LED! *
See how your community can benefit from LED lighting!
Make your city "smart", improve your inhabitants' standard of living and decrease your city's electricity bill as the same time - all by switching to LED.
Shed a new light on your brand!
Ensuring your customers a better shopping experience, making your guests willing to come back and reducing your ecological footprint - all at once? With LED products, it is possible.
Human effects
Increased feel of safety with white light
Focused vision, without wasted light
Better working environment
Increases performance both in learning and working
Satisfied and happy inhabitants
Your expectations are important to us!
According to GE Lighting customers, the top 3 criterias a great supplier needs to fulfill, are the followings:
Help in lighting design
Offering lighting controls
Offering all-round solutions
Product development
Fast service
Look & feel of the products
* Calculations based on a 500,000-square-foot warehouse facility with 1 250 pcs, 400W HID fixtures. A mix of 30% open area and 70% racked aisles. The space does not utilize air conditioning. Fixtures are installed on a 20x20 center. Operating hours - 14 hours/day, 6 days/week @ 11 cents/KWh. Replaced with 375 units of Albeo ABHX LED 2-module VHO 245W (open area); 875 units. Albeo ABHX LED 2-module ST 154W (racked aisles).