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MAKE THE DAY LONGER Li-Fi Z-Series Portable mobile lighting towers with an integrated power generator that provides light where there are no external energy sources. The high quality standard provides great strength and toughness, as well as the use in the most difficult job sites. The first lighting tower that allows up to a 75[%] fuel saving compared to a traditional lighting tower. The combination of a high luminous efficiency with a low energy consumption engine has been realized in the VB9 lighting tower. The product makes a strong sustainability statement with great fuel economy and reduction in carbon emissions. The first lighting tower with integrated vertical telescopic mast has revolutionized the market for over ten years. The product continues to evolve and improve with the new 300W LED variation. The 300W LED configuration provides a very similar illuminated area of metal halide floodlights but also ensures an important fuel savings due to the use of an engine with reduced power over the standard version. The high-efficiency LED lamps used for VT1 also greatly reduce maintenance costs since there are fewer components needed from the traditional metal halide configuration.